Hello summer!

White for summer. I hope that this summer will offer us a lot of warm and sunny days and that we will enjoy them, because that is what summer is for, right? 🙂

Over the summer, I usually wear different dresses with various details. This time I decided to wear a hat and a cool Boom watch which I designed myself. And yes, you can do the same if you order a watch on their site BOOM WATCHES.

Enjoy the beautiful weather and until next post!

Sonja is wearing: Shein dress, HM hat, Boom watch and New Yorker shoes.

Photos by Ivan Radovic



Today you can see some of my outfits close up. These are pictures that I like the most and deserves to be published in this post.

The beauty of details we sometimes miss because we all to often just focus on the whole look. So today enjoy this post and all details that you may have missed earlier. 🙂



Back in black, because with black there are no mistakes. 🙂 Today’s outfit is just perfect for a night out or dinner with some friends, it is elegant and enough for any evening occasion. Of course, like many of you during the summer months I also prefer brighter colors, but still I do not exclude black.

This beautiful blouse you can find at Closet London, they offer stylish and feminine clothes for hot summer days.

Enjoy June and until next post!

Sonja is wearing: Closet London blouse, Gina Tricot pants and earrings, Aldo shoes and Urban Espressions bag.

Photos by Ivan Radovic


Flowers in the forest

It is time to pull out of the closet all those beautiful colorful fluttering dresses that are perfect for sunny warm days. One of my favorite dresses for this season is this cutie from Closet London and I believe that I don’t need to explain to you why. 🙂

Let me know if you like colorful summer dresses as well as what you think about this one!

Sonja is wearing: London Closet dress, Dve smizle earrings and Din sko shoes.

Photos by Ivan Radovic



Today I will share with you some of my favorite Instagram pictures from the last month. It will be mostly fashion, food, pics from my London trip and nature. If you follow me on Instagram then you maybe have already seen all these pictures. If you don’t, you will have the opportunity to see them now and I hope you like them. 🙂

Enjoy my new instagram collage!


My tourist uniform

As you already know I recently visited London and the post about my impressions of the English capital you can read here: London postcard . In today’s post you can see one of my outfits that I had during my stay in this city. My ‘tourist uniform’ is usually jeans, converse and light shirts, when the weather allows it.

What is your ‘tourist uniform’? How do you like my casual choice? 🙂

Sonja is wearing: Gina Tricot shirt, jacket and turtleneck, Zara jeans, Converse shoes, Zign bag and Monki earrings.

Photos by Ivan Radovic


London postcard

Last weekend I visited London for the first time and today I will share with you my favorite places in this city. I would first point out that everything is so beautiful and every corner has its own story and individuality.

Notting Hill and the energy that that area has is definitely number one for me. I immediately fell in love with all these cute colorful houses, happy faces of street sellers, and for a moment I felt like Julia Roberts in the movie Notting Hill.

As a great lover of nature I have to mention the beautiful parks that this capital has. I visited Hyde park and Kensington Gardens, where I enjoyed the silence and nature and where I charge my batteries to resume strolling around the city.

Chinatown I rank at number three, because of the exoticism, strangeness and opportunity to feel the spirit of China in the heart of London.

Of course, I must mention the magnificent Big Ben, The Royal Palace and Tower bridge, which are symbols of London and a real tourist attraction.

Have you ever been in London and what are your favorite places in this town? Please leave a comment, maybe I visit them next time. 🙂


True blue

Yesterday in Stockholm was incredible 26 degrees and I was for the first time this year wearing my favorite blue short – sleeved top and sandals. I almost forgot how nice it is to be in light clothes while the sun shines and warms me. I also almost forgot how much beautiful summer clothes I have in my closet.

Some of you have already asked me where I got this cute blue top. My answer is on London Closet, one of my currently favorite sites which offer the most special feminine clothes. Yes, I like their design so much and I am sure you will be seeing me quite often in their clothes.

Enjoy this weekend and the pictures that I have prepared for you! 🙂

Sonja is wearing: London Closet top, Zara pants, Gina Tricot earrings, Tiger sunglasses and New Look sandals.

Photos by Ivan Radovic


Summer fairy tale

The weather this spring (in Sweden) has not been friendly to us and it has offered us more snow then sunny and warm days. I am sitting in my apartment, drinking tea, looking out the window and try to believe that wonderful weather is around the corner.

Today I share with you some of my favorite photos from last summer when I traveled through Europe and enjoyed the beautiful landscapes and nice weather.

Let me know if you have been in some of these cities and what is your experience. 🙂


Spring fashion

I believe that many of you have done a big spring cleaning of your closets and now are looking for some perfect clothes for nice weather. Of course, I am one of those who has already began to purchase some cool new stuff for spring/summer 2017. Can’t wait to share it with you.

Until then, enjoy the pictures from previous spring. Who knows? Maybe in them you will find some inspirations for your new outfits. 🙂