Stars during the day

This is the time of year when we are all trying to find the perfect outfit for New Year’s Eve. Some of us are enjoying this activity, while some of us just get frustrated in the search of the perfect outfit.

This year I will not have to think too much about it because I have already found my perfect dress. 🙂 The dress is from Closet London and HERE you can see their wonderful new models designed for special occasions. As you can see I wear this dress during the day and even if it is very elegant it still goes very well with flat footwear, which is a big plus for me. Maybe you wonder why? Because I am definitely not a fan of dresses that I will just wear once and then just leave them in the closet, because they are too much ceremonial, specific or just difficult to combine.

Let me know if you have already found your ideal combo for New Year’s Eve and how do you like my new dress?!

Can’t wait to read your comments! :-*

Sonja is wearing: Closet London dress, unbranded bag, Gina Tricot earrings and sunglasses, Zara coat and Bonprix Collection boots.

Photos by Ivan Radovic



New Year’s euphoria has already begun and many have begun the count down to the end of this year. I am not one of them and it seems that New Years fever has bypassed me this year. Hmmmm…Does that mean something is seriously wrong with me? 😉

Today you can see my favorite November photos from Instagram. As always, photos are mostly fashion and I really hope you will like it.

What about you, guys? Are you euphorically counting down until The New Year or are you like me a little indifferent to everything related to The New Year?

Lots of love to all! :-*


Favorite pair of jeans

Winter has arrived here in Stockholm and this week even snow fell, but, yes, I will still try to wear autumn clothes because all of you who still wants to see more autumn outfits on my blog. Today you can see my new pair of jeans from Gina Tricot that I wear constantly, although it’s pretty cold and windy.

For the first time in my closet I have bright jeans and this stripped, shorter model is something I’ve been looking for a long time. I don’t know about you, but for me buying jeans is always the least fun part of shopping, because I never find the models that I like and that suits me.

Let me know what you think about this combo! Yes or no for my new favorite pair of jeans!

Enjoy the weekend and until next post! :-*

Sonja is wearing: Gina Tricot jeans, shirt, rings and earrings, Parfois shoes and unbranded bag.

Photos by Ivan Radovic


Like a princess

You won’t often see me in such outfits, but from time to time I like to dress as a modern day princess. When I wear this romantic dress from Zara, in my thoughts I return to the days when as a child I enjoyed wearing unique dresses that my grandmother would sew for me. Yes, I’ve been enjoying fashion ever since I was a little girl, and I was fortunate enough to grow up surrounded by women with great style that certainly influenced development of my fashion expression. In front of you today is a grown up woman, but somewhere inside me there is still this same little girl who enjoyed wearing romantic dresses and could spend hours and hours in front of the mirror. 🙂

Sonja is wearing: Zara coat and dress, Åhlens bag, JORD watch and H&M shoes.

Photos by Ivan Radovic


Tb to autumn fashion

I know that many of you are looking for a new fashion peace to enrich your wardrobe without spending to much money. Before you begin to pamper yourself with new trendy clothes and get rid of the old pieces, check out this post where I have selected some of my favorite autumn looks during the last few years.

I believe that some of these outfits can inspire you to combine your old clothes in a new way and maybe save your budget for something else.

Enjoy the Autumn fashion lovers! 🙂


It’s all about details

Today you can see some of my outfits close up. These are pictures that I like the most and deserves to be published in this post.

The beauty of details we sometimes miss because we all to often just focus on the whole look.

So enjoy this post and all the details that you may have missed earlier. 🙂

How do you like my choice?


Beige + white

These pictures were taken this summer, after my return from USA. Yes, I am very tanned here in compared with what my tan looks like during the cold months. 🙂

Some of you asked me about this white shirt. It’s from Zara and is perfect for Swedish summers and those warm days, but still, you need some long sleeves.

What do you say about my summer choice? Yes or no for this look?

Sonja is wearing: Zara shirt, Mango skirt, Gina Tricot socks, necklace and earrings and Body Flirt shoes.

Photos by Ivan Radovic


Pink teddy bear

I like this pink jacket from Gina Tricot a lot. Thanks to it I can tolerate the cold days in Stockholm. Yes, its very cold here now and everyone is already complaining about the short days and the lack of energy. However, I can’t influence the weather, but can my own spirit and style. 🙂

What do you think about today’s outfit?

Sonja is wearing: Gina Tricot jacket, shirt, sunglasses and scarf, Zara jeans, Åhlens bag and Parfois shoes.

Photos by Ivan Radovic



In today’s post you can see one of my non-standard looks for autumn/winter: red sweatshirt, black skirt and colorful boots. During autumn and winter I usually wear darker colors, but this year I decided to change it. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I will give up black and brown, but that I will just try to more often put some colorful pieces of clothes in my wardrobe.

This cool Gina Tricot sweatshirt will not have to wait for spring days, because together with the red lipstick it can be my weapon in the fight against gray autumn days. I don’t know about you guys, but colorful clothes often have a positive effect on my mood.

Let’s paint this autumn in colors! 🙂

Sonja is wearing: Asos skirt, Gina Tricot sweatshirt, HM bag, Public Desire boots and Zara coat.

Photos by Ivan Radovic


Coat season

Autumn has definitely arrived and while many complain about bad weather and shorter days, I am trying to think about all those beautiful coats that will surely makes those gray autumn days a little more fun. I don’t know about you, but when I look at all these cool outfits below, autumn doesn’t seem so depressing at all. 🙂

Many of you asked me what kind of coats I like and in this post you can see my top 10 favorites for this season. The ones I like the most are seven and nine – seven because it’s timeless, perfect cut and beautiful color, and nine because I am currently in a baby pink phase and love everything that has that color. 🙂

Let me know if you like my choice and how does your ideal coat look like for this season!