Style Quest goes to Greece

Kefalonia is the biggest island in the Ionian sea. It’s a very tempting destination that has gorgeous sandy beaches and a rich touristic offering. The special colour of the sea, numerous gulfs and lagoons give this island a special charm that will make you remember it forever. Soft climate and gorgeous beaches attract a lot of curious tourists. One of the island beaches called Myrtos beach is on the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Night life is adjusted to people looking for vacation and some rest, so it mostly offers lots of restaurants that make delicious traditional greek food. Wednesday and Saturday are special days on the island, and during these days you can see some professional dancers, locals and guests having fun while dancing sirtaki together. The biggest city on the island called Argostoli smells like the sea and greek delicacies. Small streets are full of shops with souvenirs, markets and coffee places with beautiful gardens. After buying all the gifts it’s not hard finding a cute place to relax and cool down with a drink. As it is pretty hard to describe this piece of paradise with just words, we leave you with some photographs that will virtually take you to this magical place.

Myrtos Beach

20140726_124150Kefalonia Style Quest
Kefalonia Style Quest
Delicious Kefalonia pie
Kefalonia Style Quest
Lots of souvenirs to choose from
Kefalonia Style Quest Kefalonia Style Quest

See you soon with Kefalonia trip part 2!

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