Style Quest goes to Greece – part 2

Time has come to slowly say goodbye to summer. We will remember it by sandy beaches, warm and restless sea and numerous adventures we had at the Greek island of Kefalonia. We already shared a part of our impressions with you (in this post here). Today, we go back there in our minds, to tell you all about the tourist attractions that have left us breathless.

Mellisani lake has crystal clear turquoise water.


Mellisani underground lake lies in the bottom of the Mellisani cave like a hidden treasure of nature. Dark underground hallway leaded us there, and during the walk we noticed the temperature go down and we heard the echo of our steps. At the end of the path, we were greeted by the water that reflected sunlight that looked like a million of little stars on the surface of the turquoise lake. Riding a boat through the cave and lake will give you a full effect of enjoyment. P.S. Don’t forget to look up!

Drogarati Cave is one of the most visited attractions.

Drogarati Cave is sixty meters under the ground, with temperature around 18 degrees and humidity around 90%. Even the strong earthquake that happened here in 1953 didn’t manage to distort this amazing creation of nature.

Style Quest Kefalonia
St. Gerasimos is considered a protector of the island.

St. Gerasimos monastery is a very unusual attraction full of halls and passages that lead to small rooms in which this saint has spent a part of his life in. His relics are also saved at the monastery and there is a special ceremony once per year when people can pay their respect and venerate. It is believed that this saint protects people who are possessed by demons and mentally ill.

With this post we say bye to a beautiful summer at this Greek island. Hope you enjoyed our virtual journey and see you soon with some new touristic postcards.

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