Minna Palmqvist

Fashion may not be considered art, but through the scissors of certain designers many stories can be told. Minna Palmqvist is one of the gifted few that merge fashion with contemporary social commentary and every garment that she makes has a story to tell. That is exactly why  her show at the latest Stockholm Fashion Week gave us goosebumps.

Minna has a strong vision about her brand that was started back in 2009. You can see it woven into her peaces that are highly conceptual. Her signature is always there and once you’ve seen her work you will always be able to recognise it. She is unapologetic about the subjects her work touches. You can sense strong connections to female body but not in a typical way related just to its shape. The issues go much deeper touching into usually avoided space of insecurities, flaws, the way we are, the way we want to be and the way that society tells us we should look like.

So no, Minna Palmqvist is not one of the “usual designers”. Her garments are made for real women. Her runway show is filled with strong female characters and just a few models. Her garments are not just meant to be worn. They will empower you. They will make you stand out. And most importantly, they will make you think!

Photos by Kristian Löveborg

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  1. luv the article, luv the photos

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