We might say there is a small number of people that were born under the lucky star and that always have things go their way. If we think about it a bit better, there is actually not a single person we know that is like that. Everybody faces bigger or smaller challenges and disappointments like problems at work, with the family or with health. We can’t change a part of situations that life brings us, no matter how hard we try. That uncertainty of life represents special magic of unfamiliar to some people, while it may make others feel anxious. Modern literature deals with this quite a lot and it teaches us that the moment we become happy is the moment we decide that we are happy. But, theory is one, and putting it to practice is a totally different thing. What life showed us, is that everyone finds their own happiness through their own individual path and not just by deciding so. That decision is just a beginning of a journey that is full of temptations. If you are a pessimistic person by nature, you will have a lot of work to do. First, you have to cut deep from the roots of your negativity that brought you to the place where you’re at in your life right now. When that process is done, you can fill your mind with thoughts that will enlighten it like the rays of light. We repeat, nothing happens over night, so don’t expect this process to be different. It is true that optimist have easier time seeing the glass half-full and finding Sun behind the clouds. That is why you might think they were born under some lucky star. The only thing separating optimists and pessimists is their point of view (like that glass half-full or half-empty story). One thing is for sure, whatever your point of view might be, problems will always exist. So choose to smile at them instead of crying, chose nice words instead of bad and reach for happiness that you are entitled to.

Text: Sonja Josipovic

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