The time is now

Another day slowly turns into darkness. I sit in the present, flirt with the future and wave at the past. I flip through my memories as they were pages of a photo album. I remember some dear faces that are smiling. They don’t see me. Maybe they don’t even remember me. They don’t know that I’m looking back today, remembering them as they used to be. And time passes… It knows how to speed up, but never to slow down. It took some moments away from me that I didn’t want to end. It took some dear people that I’ll always remember. Even though time keeps on passing, I always have this place to return to. I can always wonder without making a single step. I’ll always be able to reach those memories, because time flies, but my memories and imagination stay.


Another day is passing. Soon it will be called past. It will be replaced by night that will bring us a new day. Do I have enough time for “NOW”? Do I always ignore it running into the past or thinking about the future? Do I neglect it because it’s right here, in front of me? I know that this moment called now is all I have but I often spend it thinking about the past or the future.

Another day is gone. I haven’t even noticed how and where it went. I know many days tend to pass like that, unnoticed, while I’m busy with other things. I don’t want that to keep happening. I don’t want to look but not be able to see. It’s time to catch the moment. It’s time to live in it and for it. The present is all that I’ve got and I’m gonna look it straight into the eyes.

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