Style Talks with Ana Sekularac

She is a fashion designer that likes to help women express themselves through her clothes. Ana Sekularac is based in Belgrade, Serbia but she creates globally. She plays with textures and forms which makes her pieces unique and easily recognised. I had a little chat with her and here is what she told me…

As a little girl how did you finish the ”When I grow up, I want to be …”?

Well, to be honest, as I think now I really never had that sentence in my mind. It can sound strange but I think I loved the world that I was in and enjoyed being a child, being free. I think I still have that part in me. It helps me to create, to play, to be.

Where you always interested in fashion?

I was interested in many things. I was very curious, never still and that is in my need to create, to express things I have inside me. It’s my liberation, my way of living, of being alive, and nowadays I can notice and observe my little daughter and see the similiar things in her and understand her.

Ana Sekularac

Is it hard being a fashion designer in Serbia? 

I do not see myself as a fashion designer who is connected with one place, city, country. I am working in Paris, USA, London, everywhere to be honest. Everything is global nowadays. Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it’s not. It depends how you see things, situation in front of you. I always try to solve the situation and to move forward. To learn and to try to stay true to myself.

How would you describe you design aesthetic?

I still can’t describe who I am. I learn constantly about myself, who I am and I try to be honest with myself. I try to appreciate my weaknesses and my strenghts in the same way and to love myself more and more. I create while playing and it comes in a flow, when I’m not conciously trying to do something but when I’m spontaneous.

Ana sekularac

Do you have any style icons and muses?

I never had icons. I have a lot of people who I love to watch, listen and be with. But I love people in general, I love the uniqueness of every single human being and that is what makes me happy.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

Everywhere within me.

What helps you relax and how do you like to spend your free time?

I like to swim a lot. Water is my blanket. I love to meditate, to eat, to ride my bicycle, to play with my tea, to travel…

Ana Sekularac

Any places in Belgrade that you would recommend to our readers?

Beauty Imagine for massage, Moritz for ice cream, Dream, and the church of Saint Marc.

Do you have any motto or a quote that helps you move on in life and stay focused?

Love… We can always love more!

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  1. Wow she is amazing! I would love to collaborate with her someday!

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