Barcelona postcards

Barcelona is a city with colorful streets, smiling faces, beautiful architecture and delicious food. This city have a special energy, a wonderful climate and people that know how to enjoy in the moment.


Barcelona is a cheerful town. It is enough to visit the beach Barceloneta to make sure of that. I’ve spent a big part of my time on this beach, where the color of the sea and sky merge somewhere in the distance. The sounds of the waves, the laughter and warm sand under your feet are only fifteen minutes from the city center. On the beach you will never be alone, because the friendly locals will always find ways to approach you with an interesting topic for discussion.


Barcelona is art. When I say that, I mean not only numerous museums, tourist attractions and cultural events. In Barcelona every street is a little piece of art. Gaudi’s work is certainly breathtaking, but it is also the case with the works of less known architects.


Barcelona is delicious food. Tapas and paella are always on my menu whenever I visit this city. The atmosphere in restaurants and cafes is special, because everyone knows how to enjoy the food, the drinks and the conversations.


I’ve noticed that there is no hurry in this city, its as the day lasts longer than 24 hours and that there is time for everything. Neither was I in a hurry when it was time to pack my things and fly back to Stockholm. You’ll understand why if you’ve been in this wonderful city, or if you just look at the following photos.

Text: Sonja Josipovic


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