“Irresistible Me” hair extensions

Almost every girls dream is to grow her hair for a day. I never experimented too much with my hair, but there are days when I wish that my hair would look much fuller and longer.

Due to earlier, not so positive experiences with extensions, I stopped dreaming of a super long and beautiful hair. The extensions that I had previously used were made of artificial materials, so you always see a clear difference between them and my real hair. Also, the clips were very weak and the extensions would often end up on the floor after just a few movements with my head.

The Irresistible Me extensions seemed to me different and that’s why I wanted to try them out. I decided to go with the color Platinum Blonde. When I attached the extensions I was amazed by how hard it was to see any difference between them and my real hair. In just twenty minutes my hair had grown longer and more luxuriant, and I was very pleased. During the shoot there was no need for additional fixing and repairing, even though it was pretty windy that day. I felt confident and satisfied, with very little effort I got a haircut that I have long dreamed about.

Feel free to visit their website (www.irresistibleme.com) if you want to try out a really good and practical extensions. The difference is huge!

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    1. Tack så mycket! Det tycker jag också! 🙂

  1. Predobre ekstenzije. Možda ne bih primetila da nisi napisala. Mada deluje da ti svakako imaš gustu kosu pa ti ni ne trebaju ali baš moćno deluje. 🙂

    1. Hvala ti! Lepo je kada kosa za par minuta može da “poraste”. 🙂

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