Love Tags – Jane Koenig

Jane Koenig bracelet from the collection Love Tags is now definitely my favorite piece of jewelry. Simple, effective and unique. Do I need any more reasons why I love them so much?!

On this special piece of jewelry there are two plates with the letters: S and I. Of course, the letters you chose by yourself and for me they have a special meaning. These are the initial letters of me and my boyfriends name. This bracelet is for me a combination of love and devotion.

Here you can see the entire collection of Love Tags jewelry: . You only have to choose a letter and a model that you would like to have. I chose sterling silver bracelet, which is a wonderful fashion accessory and that always reminds me what is truly important in my life.

If you prefer a necklace or if you find it hard to decide for only two letters take a look here: . There are many options and ways to find something beautiful for yourself and also to show someone how much that someone mean to you.

And yes, I already think what my next piece of jewelry will be and what letters I will order next. Have you already decided?!

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  1. A beautiful piece with a personal touch!

  2. Alexandra

    Love the jewelery <3

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