Everyone already know very well that I am a big fan of black and white combinations. Still, there are days when the black and white world becomes a little bit boring and I want to refresh my outfit with some colors.

Todays choice is MINGA BERLIN socks – socks that make every outfit look colorful and more original. After the first shoot (with the same socks) I decided to wear socks with different colors. Yes, in fashion everything is allowed and these socks are so sweet that they can be combined in all possible ways. 🙂

And this is just one part of their offer. If you also like these unusual happy socks visit MINGA BERLIN and chose something for yourself.

andra tredjefjardefemtepetasestaosma

Photos Ivan Radovic


  1. Nice post, I like your socks!

  2. Love the socks and love the shoes. 🙂

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