That coat

Finally a few sunny days arrived in Stockholm and I took the opportunity to wear this beautiful cozy coat from This time I chose a classic look with high heels and this beautiful coat.

I admit I have for a long time avoided this color because I believed it would not match with my blond hair. This coat has definitely changed my attitude and I slowly have become a fan of this color.

If you want to see how this coat looks along with some other outfits click here: Khaki Long Sleeve Lapel Coat. I noticed that the coat fits perfectly with different fashion styles and that even blondies can wear it. 🙂

I hope you like my fashion choice for today.

Big hug and until the next post!


Sonja is wearing: Sheln coat, Zara jeans and turtleneck and H&M shoes.

Photos by Ivan Radovic


  1. I really love your blog! It’s so stylish <3
    The Lady Fairer

  2. You look so beautiful!

  3. What a beautiful outfit – you look amazing and the coat ist to die for! Love it! <3

    xx Tschok |

  4. That coat is so dreamy and it looks perfect on you. Love the outfit, and the shoes look great too. Gorgeous and so stylish!

  5. Beautiful coat! Love it!

  6. This look is chic, I love the coat and I think it looks great with your hair colour

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