Spring thoughts

With spring arriving you can now read all about the new trends and what is a “must have” for this season. If you ask me, my answer is “a must have for this season is a good mood, cared face and body and your own style”. Good mood is a priority and a cult sentence from famous Audrey Hepburn that says “happy girls are the prettiest”. Cared face and body, because it is a matter of personal hygiene, and we only have one face and one body, and why shouldn’t they be nurtured and guarded? And finally, your own style, because that’s what makes you special and different from others.

Those are my top 3 “must have” for this season. Feel free to write and let me know if they are on your list.


Sonja is wearing: Gina Tricot skirt, shirt and jewelry, shoes from Eshoes and H&M bag.

Photos by Ivan Radovic 

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