Close up

Today you can see some of my outfits close up. These are pictures that I like the most and deserves to be published in this post.

The beauty of details we sometimes miss because we all to often just focus on the whole look.

So today enjoy this post and all the details that you may have missed earlier. 🙂



  1. These photos are pinterest-worthy, and instagram-worthy as well! Haha. I love how the photos are shot in different angles. And you have a tattoo on your ankle. Cool!

  2. Details are crucial! You have such a nice accessories and you are master at matching them with your outfit. My favorite are nude ankle boots, I need a pair like those in my wardrobe!
    P.S. What an interesting tattoos!Like them a lot.

  3. Your photos are so lovely! I think detail shots are so crucial and they make the bigger picture more complete 🙂 Love your tattoos by the way!

    – pj (

  4. Love the yellow ruffled dress!
    xo, Margot

  5. Head to toe, all the pictures are stunning!And so many beautiful accessories! Great work Sonja!

  6. Both Instagram and Pinterest worthy! All the outfits are gorgeous. Awesome shots! x

  7. Love the white/black check tshirt dress paired with the cardigan and knee highs definitely a look I would wear, also adorable heart tattoo on your wrist =^.^=

  8. love those outfits!

  9. Love it! Very modern and chic – I love the style!

  10. Professional photos, indeed. That and a style that catches eye almost instantly. Perfect combination.

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