Black and grey

Autumn is the perfect time to pull out of the closet my favorite rubber boots and my hat. These are my favorite fashion essentials that are beautiful and help my feet and head stay dry during the rainy periods.

Today I decided to wear black and grey combo, although for a long time grey was not my favorite color. Now the situation is different. I adore grey and I wear it pretty often during rainy autumn days.

Enjoy the pictures and until the next post!


Sonja is wearing: Zara coat, Gina Tricot choker, Monki bag, H&M sweater, skirt and rings, Anna Filed boots and unbranded hat.

Photos by Ivan Radovic


  1. Loving your photos! It looks absolutely gorgeous, hat is perfect and that sweater is really amazing. Well done 🙂


  2. Black and grey monochrome is always such a great look! Love that jacket!


  3. That sweater looks so cozy!!

  4. I love Black. I love Grey. I love Autumn cos I never experienced it.

    In short, I love everything about this look.

  5. I have been looking for a cape coat just like this! Love the color combo — never ever goes out of style.

  6. o0o0o love the sweater and the hat, they look great together and something I’d wear to stay cosy yet stylish in the colder seasons 🙂

  7. That skirt is so unique! And you make me wish I could rock hats.

  8. Love the lipstick! I try to pull off a cute bright shade and always feel so awkward! You look fabulous!

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