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Santa came earlier this year. πŸ™‚ A few days ago I received a package from Barcelona that contained these cool and unique sneakers from Newyorkinas Original. As you already know, comfort is always on the first place and these beauties are definitely comfy.

The model that I choose is called Grey Mole and it perfectly fits with almost all pieces of clothes. In addition to monochrome models, there’s also a limited edition collection with flags of different countries. HERE you can see all those unique models and maybe find sneakers with the flag of your country. πŸ™‚

Let me know how you like my new sneakers! Which one would you choose for yourself – monochrome or with a flag?

Lots of love to all of you! πŸ™‚



  1. We loveeeeeee you uuuuuuuu Darling gig!!!!
    THANKS FOR THE super post!!!
    kind regards and Merry Christmas 😘

  2. Love it! Keep going girl!

  3. I love those sneakers, comfy and very pretty! Great look as well πŸ™‚

    Ivona from


    1. Hi Ivona,
      You can find us at
      thanks!! 😍

  4. Whoa girl those sneakers are the bomb! They look super comfy and chic at the same time. All the love!
    Katja xxx

    1. Hi Katja
      Thanks for the comment.
      You can find us at
      Kind regards 😍

  5. Jasmin N

    Anbsolutely loving that faux fur ! Goes so well along with those sneakers πŸ™‚

    ~ Jasmin N

  6. The sneakers (seems weird calling them that as in the UK they are just called trainers 😊) look so comfy and really goes well with the rest of your outfit.

  7. Love, love, love your sneakers, great look all together.

    1. Hi
      Thanks for the comment.
      You can find us at
      Kind regards 😍

  8. Those sneakers looks nice, it seems like they’re very comfortable and also great for the cold weather.

    1. Hi Sarah
      You can find us at
      thanks 😍

  9. I totally love he snow in the photo’s, specially on the close up from the fur!
    Next to that, good outfit!!

    X, Alex

    1. Igree
      The snow flakes are beautifull 😍

  10. Those shoes look amazing and so comfy! Gorgeous outfit!

    1. Thanks !!!! 😍

  11. Wow! Beautiful! I really love atmosphere and your outfit especially shoes <3

  12. I actually love these sneakers and I don’t usually opt for them, definitely go for monochrome over flag πŸ™‚

    1. Hi
      Kitty limΓ³n
      You can find us at

  13. OMG that fur looks so warm and perfect! I want a piece like that in my closet too! Love it!


  14. Thank you so much for ALL THE COMENTS 😍
    We πŸ’– Sonja !!!

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