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In today’s post you will see some of the fashion details that I really like and that decorated my outfits in the last few months. There is my currently favorite watch from JORD , Monki backpack, few bags, rings and more.

What are yours favorite fashion details? My answer is simple – I love everything! 🙂



  1. great post! I love your photos! You have amazing fashion taste 🙂

  2. Wow, great post. I loved how the close up photos really showed the beauty of the items you showed. My favourites have to be the grey scarf and bag you photographed, although I also loved that red cardigan thing! In all honesty, I think I just love and want your wardrobe!

  3. What can I say more then that, beauty at its best.

  4. Your photos really show the details of the items. My favorite is the scarf. It is cold in here and that scarf looks soft and warm. I suddenly feel like knitting.

  5. Nice close-up pics, you have a lovely way to combine your outfits <3

  6. Your photos are stunning. I love the interesting angles. Really sets you apart as a blogger. Also- I have mad hair envy!

  7. These looks are pretty cool!

  8. Some really great outfits, but that watch is amazing! I may need to get one of those for myself

  9. I am in love with your style!

  10. All of these are so awesome– love the layered textures and patterns!

  11. Effortlessly chic! Your photos are amazing. Love the attention to details.

  12. loving the fringe and fur! Great post!

  13. I love your photos 🙂

  14. I totally love your idea with the close -ups! I must admit my favorite thing was that amazing watch

  15. Love your post. I really like the fashion style of yours.

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