Back in black, because with black there are no mistakes. 🙂 Today’s outfit is just perfect for a night out or dinner with some friends, it is elegant and enough for any evening occasion. Of course, like many of you during the summer months I also prefer brighter colors, but still I do not exclude black.

This beautiful blouse you can find at Closet London, they offer stylish and feminine clothes for hot summer days.

Enjoy June and until next post!

Sonja is wearing: Closet London blouse, Gina Tricot pants and earrings, Aldo shoes and Urban Espressions bag.

Photos by Ivan Radovic


  1. Cool look!!!

  2. Over Here In Africa, Black Makes More Sense When The Weather Isn’t So Hot.

    I Still Love The Outfit Though.

  3. simply gorgeous, and dress accessories everything look perfect.

  4. Cool outfit! Is perfect for all the day, so chic I love it! I love your hair to 💕

  5. I do like this! I agree it does look elegant and let’s face it…black never goes out of style and has a timeless quality to it. This outfit really suits you and I do like it a lot. Will go and check it out further I think.

  6. This is extremely beautiful dress up. Also, it looks perfect on you making you more beautiful.

  7. Amazing style. Really black color is more fashionable.

  8. Very elegant and classy!

  9. Love the outfit,very classy and cool details on the arms!

  10. I love the contrast between the outfit and your lip color, very pretty!

  11. Very classy look! Love black!

  12. Wow! Good looking. Can’t get enough of the colour black.

  13. This outfit is my everyday uniform. I need that purse not only is it black it has a bow, I mean come on. I love the details of everything.

  14. She looks gorgeous in the outfit. Is it what some people called winter outfits?
    I guess she must be from one awesome part of Africa. I love this!

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