Summer time

After spending a month in America and wearing mostly comfortable sports clothes, I can say that even I have missed high heels, jewellery and all those cute ‘necessary’ women’s things.

Right now I am really crazy about all those beautiful summer dresses, that I usually don’t have so many opportunities to wear  here in Sweden. I can say that I am using all the benefits from the nice weather we are having and taking my favourite pieces of clothes for a walk. 🙂

This dress is from Zara and right now is on sale and it’s just perfect for summer days and nights ( if you are lucky and live in some tropical country).

Let me know how you like today’s choice!

Sonja is wearing: Zara dress, Body Flirt shoes, Åhlens bag and Gina Tricot jewelry.

Photos by Ivan Radovic.


  1. Nice photography.

  2. Nice pics. I loved the lip color too.

  3. you look pretty out there.. amazing work

  4. Rikki Singh

    You are Looking So Beautiful in the Pink Dress. I really Like your Style… Keep Posting

  5. you look pretty there.. amazing work

  6. I love the bright pink matched with the lipstick. Very simple but very stylish. The bag set it off. Nice outfit. Great shots

  7. That dress is so stylish and still simple…and it’s in my favourite colour….love it

  8. That’s a pretty amazing post i came across with.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  9. Himanshu

    Looking So Beautiful in the Pink Dress

  10. Great outfit. I love your shoes.

  11. Lovely photos and love the dress. Very bright and stylish 🙂 x

  12. amazing! a beautiful dress that’s perfect for summer, i love it

  13. Loved your style and this elegant pink dress!! you look great!

  14. loved the whole get up and summer soooooo for pretty dresses,hehe

  15. Wow! Now that’s a statement piece. I think jewel tones look great on everyone.

  16. Abhishek

    Beautiful pictures. Really nice dress and it goes on the body perfectly. Gorgeous!

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