In today’s post you can see one of my non-standard looks for autumn/winter: red sweatshirt, black skirt and colorful boots. During autumn and winter I usually wear darker colors, but this year I decided to change it. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I will give up black and brown, but that I will just try to more often put some colorful pieces of clothes in my wardrobe.

This cool Gina Tricot sweatshirt will not have to wait for spring days, because together with the red lipstick it can be my weapon in the fight against gray autumn days. I don’t know about you guys, but colorful clothes often have a positive effect on my mood.

Let’s paint this autumn in colors! πŸ™‚

Sonja is wearing: Asos skirt, Gina Tricot sweatshirt, HM bag, Public Desire boots and Zara coat.

Photos by Ivan Radovic


  1. That’s right paint it would make it more beautiful, pretty outfit and i think you have a makeup talent xp :)). Great pictures!!

  2. Nice and great blog post well done

  3. Every article from you is something dIfferent and awesome.

  4. You nailed it.. I love how you were able to mix and match these outfits, as it looks stylish and sophisticated..

  5. Loving this look! Red is amazing on you! <3

  6. omg!!! I love this look so much from the shoes straight up to the lipstick. you loo stunning. a great look put together, simply amazing. I love love it

  7. it looks so aesthetically pleasing. good job on that one

  8. Amazing look! i love the Red. It looks good on you.

  9. the red sweatshirt is amazing! i would love to snuggle up in this all winter long.

  10. Your style is fabulous! I really want those boots!

  11. Jasmin N

    I literally fell in love with your hoodie! I don’t usually like anything red but DAMN, that looks gorgeous πŸ™‚ You look stunning!

  12. I definitely think of statement red as an autumnal color! Bold and beautiful just like the changing leaves. P.S. What lip color are you wearing?

  13. What a beautiful color! So fresh and vivid! Wonderful sweatshirt! Your boots are gorgeous as well!

  14. these boots are gorgeous and it looks like you went for a “little red riding hood” look! πŸ™‚


  15. This is the perfect combination of colors. Your hair color compliments the overall look. Love the boots too. Amazing idea!

  16. Those shoes knocked me out. I LOVE THEM. I love your hair. I love your style.

  17. Oh wow! Those gorgeous boots I need in my life!

  18. Great looks I love how you made the hoody work with a skirt.

  19. very Beautiful click loved your boots

  20. JessicaHugo

    Very lovely outfit I must say, I love the coat especially the way you hung it. Cool!!

  21. I’m loving the red girl! Those boots match so well as wel!!

  22. I am loving the RED! The pops of red on your boots are to die for! These pictures are so aesthetically pleasing I love them! You look so glamorous GURL.

  23. Great stuff, loving the boots, really pull the whole outfit together.

  24. Anastasia

    Those shoes are f**king amazing!

  25. Anastasia

    This look is amazing! And the shoes are fabulous!

  26. Really LOVE the red color. Those boots are really cute. Great accessories too πŸ™‚ You look pretty babe!

  27. Wow, floral boots!! Very unusual and beautiful. I’d love to try something like that. Thanks for the inspiration. Keep rocking.

  28. those floral boots are so nice πŸ™‚

  29. Looking good. Great colors for autumn.

  30. Truly love your fashion style. That shirt with those shoes are incredible!!

  31. Phew, what was this post about? A red shirt and …. awww, these boots! I got hypnotized by those gorgeous boots. I couldn’t even tell what the shirt or skirt looked like πŸ˜‰ These boots are a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

  32. Super super!!!

  33. These boots! I love them!

  34. You have a unique stylish and i love your style

  35. I love your fashion style.

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