Favorite pair of jeans

Winter has arrived here in Stockholm and this week even snow fell, but, yes, I will still try to wear autumn clothes because all of you who still wants to see more autumn outfits on my blog. Today you can see my new pair of jeans from Gina Tricot that I wear constantly, although it’s pretty cold and windy.

For the first time in my closet I have bright jeans and this stripped, shorter model is something I’ve been looking for a long time. I don’t know about you, but for me buying jeans is always the least fun part of shopping, because I never find the models that I like and that suits me.

Let me know what you think about this combo! Yes or no for my new favorite pair of jeans!

Enjoy the weekend and until next post! :-*

Sonja is wearing: Gina Tricot jeans, shirt, rings and earrings, Parfois shoes and unbranded bag.

Photos by Ivan Radovic


  1. this is a great outfit which can be worn anywhere! Loved the booties


  2. Jasmin N

    I can see why they’re your favourite pair! They go so well with everything 🙂 winter arrived here in Helsinki too & it’s plenty of snow everywhere! Just pure love <3

  3. Analesha

    I LOVE your top!! We are coming into summer here andI cant wait to break out the florals.

  4. You have a lovely top! and who can go wrong with that pair of jeans!


  5. Anders Lorenzen

    Looking good and very stylish.

  6. I feel like you can pretty much pull off any outfit! You look great!
    I like your bag, btw.


  7. This outfit works so well! Love the jeans and top!

  8. The whole outfit goes very well together. Great post keep up the good work

  9. I liked the way you carry all types of outfit

  10. Ripped jeans is in! It’s everybody’s favorite nowadays, I love the rugged-girly combination…

  11. I also have a favorite pair of jeans that i apways find myself wearing a little too often… they are so comfortable! I recently came up with a rotation system to avoid wearing them out to quickly. In addition, it also brings a little more diversity in my style.

  12. Loving your whole outfit, the jeans look awesome on you, I am not a. If fannif light colours and I believe not everyone can carry that color, but you are doing an amazing job!!

  13. You are wearing them like French First Lady… 😛

  14. Thena Franssen

    Great outfit, love those jeans! Aren’t jeans just the best? They last forever and once you find a pair you love, its a match made in heaven!

  15. Yes to the combo and no to the cold weather 🙂 Great style as always!

  16. They look so cool and I love how you styled them with the fishnet!

  17. Woah, you are rocking those jeans! Those photos are so nice!


  18. I like your girly shirt combined with the “boyish” jeans and heavy leather boots! well done!


  19. I like ripped jeans black color, with net inside.

  20. Love the entire combination. Looks great on you !

  21. I love how you put this outfit together! You’ve made these ripped jeans look super chic!

  22. Those boots are amazing <3

  23. I really do love the boots. And the top is really pretty with the outfit. I really like how you have the fishnets through the holes in the jeans.

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