New Year’s euphoria has already begun and many have begun the count down to the end of this year. I am not one of them and it seems that New Years fever has bypassed me this year. Hmmmm…Does that mean something is seriously wrong with me? 😉

Today you can see my favorite November photos from Instagram. As always, photos are mostly fashion and I really hope you will like it.

What about you, guys? Are you euphorically counting down until The New Year or are you like me a little indifferent to everything related to The New Year?

Lots of love to all! :-*


  1. Will surely recommend this site to my sister. Keep writing such illuminating content.

  2. Beautiful and stylish… I wonder what are you stores? Or you order on line?

  3. The cream coloured dress with the camel booties is amazing! Definitely my favourite!


  4. You gave me an idea for christmas present with the sock box!! Really cool picture as always 🙂

  5. The socks and watch are really nice ideas for Secret Santa!


  6. My count down always starts after christmas, so I am not that excited for new year right now 😀
    nice, pics.
    ♥ Dorie

  7. Thena Franssen

    Love your look! How do you find your style inspiration? I can’t seem to get in my groove.

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