Grey is such a happy color

Hi everyone!

In today’s post you can see me in a casual daily outfit, because you asked for it. 🙂 Here I am dressed according to the temperature (I was lucky it was not to cold) and my activities after the shoot.

What I first put on myself was this beautiful watch from Harvey James watches and then I tried to adapt all the other pieces of clothes to it. Of course, it never happened before, but this watch deserved that I change my habits for a day regarding combining clothes with details. 🙂

Let me know how you like this combo and my new Harvey James watch! :-*

Sonja is wearing: Monki coat, Gina Tricot jeans and bag, Harvey James watch, Asos faux fur scarf, New Look sneakers and HM sweater.

Photos by Ivan Radovic


  1. Oh my gosh, that pic with you all snuggles up is perfection! LOVE IT!

  2. You looking amazing in those Jeans. It conspicuously observed you do know how to pull a nice Pose. Great

  3. Such a beautiful watch! Watches are my one big weakness. Really liked how you detailed the outfit around the watch.

  4. That coat is really beautiful. who says grey is dull?
    Totally loved your post.

  5. Wow! Beautiful images 🙂 Ain’t nothing “grey” about this grey…

  6. I am totally obessed with the Monki coat! It looks so fashionable and warm. The perfect coat!

    Yolanda | IreviewUread

  7. Since I don’t think I’ll be wearing this particular outfit, I do want to comment on the color. GRAY is definitely a color that I’m falling in love with. Is there a particular season that it’s best suited for?

  8. Grey happens to be one of my favourite colours as well. I too have an outfit resembling the one showing in your photos. Great post. Thanks for sharing ☺👍

  9. Grey and peach is to die for!

  10. Really love the image quality – who takes your pictures? Really well done. Awesome stuff.

  11. you’ve become a style inspiration!

  12. Love these shots , your photos are top notch !! and of course you look very stylish 🙂

  13. Stunning love your Harvey James watches,

  14. Loveeee the mix of grey and soft pink! You look gorgeous as always! <3
    Ivona from

  15. I really like that scarf, it changes the whole outfit!

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    it’s fabulous
    great job, congratulation
    Thanks for sharing this information

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