Sälen – winter wonderland

Hello everyone!

I am sorry for not being very active for a while, I really needed a little break to charge my batteries. Now I am like a new person and ready for new collaborations, shootings and everything else that makes me so happy in this blog world.

Two weeks ago I was in Sälen and I celebrated my birthday there. I was with my fiancé and this was my first birthday that I celebrated in this way… Without guests, special events, blowing candles and other birthday rituals. It was just THE two of us, surrounded by the winter magic and peace we needed.

Since pictures always say more than words you can see below this winter story in pictures.

Lots of love to all of you! :-*


  1. WOW! That looks incredibly fun and such a great memory! Beautiful, too!

  2. Oh wow! This looks beautiful. We have snow here in the UK atm but it doesn’t look as beautiful as this. I must visit Scandinavia one day.

  3. This looks incredible and so invigorating! Glad you’re back and feeling re-energised!

  4. oh these pictures are out of this world! What a nice scenery, and the dogs are so cute!!


  5. Karoliina Kazi

    Stunning pictures – so beautiful there and what a winter wonderland!

  6. Breathtaking pics and well written as well! Love love love

    -Skirmy x

  7. images are lovely. the snowmen are great. But the one with the wolves pulling the sleigh, is breathtaking for me. This images make me want to go out in the snow in london. then i think ahh maybe not its too cold@

  8. this looks like you had so much fun!! What a great way to recharge the batteries!!

  9. Jasmin N

    Ah how stunning it is out there😍 I really love Winter, it’s the most magical time of the year!

  10. What a magical place. Happy belated birthday! I love spending my birthdays away with my husband. So much more relaxing than organising parties!

  11. It looks like you two had an enjoyable time. And it makes me miss snow (I live in San Diego, so we don’t see too much of that).

  12. Sometimes getting away from it all is the best way to celebrate. Looks amazing! Happy Birthday!

  13. Očaravajuće

  14. I prefer quiet birthdays now I’m older and I’ve got to say given the snow situation here in the UK I thought I’d grimace at the sight but these photos are lovely and I love the snow dogs 😊

  15. beautiful pictures you have there! it’s a winter wonderland indeed! celebrating your birthday by getting away, is always a nice idea. I would do both, celebrate with my friends at home and travel with my closest ones!

  16. This place looks magical! And such a gorgeous outfit! We all need a break sometimes, it’s the best way to come back relaxed and ready for new adventures!

  17. We had a bit of snow here in Italy but it doesn’t look nearly as beautiful! Love all the photos, especially the snowmen, so funny!

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