5 masks for dry hair

It is super important to take care of your hair during these cold days. If it’s already dry and damaged, it demands some extra attention. We bring you five different home made recipes and we assure you that no meter which one you choose to try, out it will give you great results.

1. You need: 1 spoon of olive oil, 1 spoon of apple vinegar and 2 spoons of honey.

Mix all the ingredients and put evenly on your hair. Leave for an hour and wash out.

2. You need 1 spoon of honey, an avocado and 2 spoons of olive oil.

Squash the avocado and add honey and olive oil. Mix until it turns creamy. Put on your hair and leave on for about 30 min.

3.You need: A banana, 1 spoon of olive oil, an egg, 1 spoon of yogurt and a few drops of lavender oil.

Mix egg together with olive oil. Add the previously squashed banana as well as yogurt, honey and lavender oil. Put on the whole length and leave for 20 min. It is best if you wash out with warm water first, and with colder water after shampooing.

4. You need: An egg, 60ml of mayonnaise and 60ml of yogurt, Mix the egg, and add other ingredients. When it becomes smooth, rub into the hair. It should stay on for about an hour, and gives best results if you put on a shower cap or plastic foil over it. Wash out with colder water.

5. You need: 1 spoon of honey and 5 spoons of lemon juice.

This mask is best for blondes but all hair colours can use it. It is super simple to make and should be on for twenty minutes.

Hope you will try out our suggestions, and if so, let us know what you think. See you soon with more beauty tips!


Black and Grey

It is always nice when you find a warm coat that you can combine in a million different ways. I love mine because it goes well with sneakers, as well as with high heels, and I love wearing it with my new black boots! I wrap it around me and not only do I feel warm, but stylish too.  Here I paired it with all black and some golden details. You can never go wrong with all black, but I like to add some fun details, like blue nail polish and golden earrings. Hope you like it and happy weekend!

Sonja Josipovic Style QuestSonja Josipovic Style QuestSonja Josipovic Style QuestSonja Josipovic Style Quest

Sonja is wearing sweater, pants, scarf, earrings and bag from Gina Tricot, coat from Object and boots from BPC Bonprix Collection.


Style Talks with Ana Sekularac

She is a fashion designer that likes to help women express themselves through her clothes. Ana Sekularac is based in Belgrade, Serbia but she creates globally. She plays with textures and forms which makes her pieces unique and easily recognised. I had a little chat with her and here is what she told me…

As a little girl how did you finish the ”When I grow up, I want to be …”?

Well, to be honest, as I think now I really never had that sentence in my mind. It can sound strange but I think I loved the world that I was in and enjoyed being a child, being free. I think I still have that part in me. It helps me to create, to play, to be.

Where you always interested in fashion?

I was interested in many things. I was very curious, never still and that is in my need to create, to express things I have inside me. It’s my liberation, my way of living, of being alive, and nowadays I can notice and observe my little daughter and see the similiar things in her and understand her.

Ana Sekularac

Is it hard being a fashion designer in Serbia? 

I do not see myself as a fashion designer who is connected with one place, city, country. I am working in Paris, USA, London, everywhere to be honest. Everything is global nowadays. Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it’s not. It depends how you see things, situation in front of you. I always try to solve the situation and to move forward. To learn and to try to stay true to myself.

How would you describe you design aesthetic?

I still can’t describe who I am. I learn constantly about myself, who I am and I try to be honest with myself. I try to appreciate my weaknesses and my strenghts in the same way and to love myself more and more. I create while playing and it comes in a flow, when I’m not conciously trying to do something but when I’m spontaneous.

Ana sekularac

Do you have any style icons and muses?

I never had icons. I have a lot of people who I love to watch, listen and be with. But I love people in general, I love the uniqueness of every single human being and that is what makes me happy.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

Everywhere within me.

What helps you relax and how do you like to spend your free time?

I like to swim a lot. Water is my blanket. I love to meditate, to eat, to ride my bicycle, to play with my tea, to travel…

Ana Sekularac

Any places in Belgrade that you would recommend to our readers?

Beauty Imagine for massage, Moritz for ice cream, Dream, and the church of Saint Marc.

Do you have any motto or a quote that helps you move on in life and stay focused?

Love… We can always love more!


Herb Ritts at Fotografiska

It is no secret that Fotografiska Museet (Photography Museum) is one of my favourite places in Stockholm. Amazing exhibitions, great coffee place with a view and a gift shop that makes me want to spend all of my money – it’s just a part of what this place offers. During the weekend I finally went to see the Herb Ritts exhibition, the one I wanted to see for a while and was afraid of missing. Well, I ended up going there on a super snowy winter day, but freezing my ears of was totally worth it.

Titled In Full Light this selection of photographs shows some of his most iconic black and white images. It takes us on a trip back in time, presenting Herb’s vision of Hollywood stars, supermodels and fashion. Part of it is glamorous, part silly, but all of the subjects he captures are beautiful in their own way. From Madonna, Jack Nicholson and other superstars to the most beautiful models like Naomi Campbell, he shows us his vision of who these people are. It was really fun seeing life through Herb Ritts’ lens. I warmly recommend you to go and see this exhibition before it gets closed…

Herb Ritts Nicole KidmanHerb RittsHerb Ritts supermodels Herb RittsHerb Ritts david bowie


Nurture your skin

Our skin reflects the inner state of our body and its health and it shows how well we take care of the quality of the food we eat. We offer you today some products that can be called “friends of your skin” and here is why.

Chia seeds – They are rich in fibbers, proteins, phosphorus, antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids. Omega acids are very important for making skin cells stronger and more resistant to damage coming from outside factors. You can use these seeds in salads and shakes and enjoy the positive effects they’ll have on your skin’s health.

Almonds – When talking about skin health we must mention almonds. Vitamin E feeds the skin from the inside and prevents premature ageing. Everyday consumption of this healthy snack will improve the look of your skin quite quick.

Citrus fruits – Vitamin C is very popular ingredient in skin care products, and exotic fruits are filled with it. It helps production of collagen,  a protein that makes the basic skin structure. Antioxidants from these fruits fight free radicals that can damage cells and cause skin ageing.

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New Year resolutions

We have stepped into 2015! We have a bit over 300 days that we want to spend as nicely as we can. Some of us decided to quit smoking, others to go to the gym more often, some to get that promotion, and some of us decided to be more open, friendly and positive with the world that surrounds us.Whatever your New Year resolutions might be, don’t forget that change doesn’t happen over night so arm yourself with patience.

We bring you a few ideas that we think might be helpful on your road to fulfilling those resolutions:

1. Your list should not be too long. If you start with unrealistic expectations you are more likely to give up. Just one look at a long super demanding list could make you feel tired and ready to give up. So, prioritise your list and focus on the things that will really make your year better. Some decisions might be best left till the next year, for when you are truly ready for them.

2. Always remember that nothing happens over night. You did decide to loose weight, but in order to achieve that you’re gonna have to work out regularly, eat healthy and it’s gonna take time. So, whatever your resolution might be, you’re going to face time, patience, falls and self doubt. You should be prepared and expect your climb up to have a few falls. Just knowing that and being prepared for it will make the whole journey easier, no matter how much it can hurt. Knowing that falling is a part of life and part of growing, you are less likely to give up on something that can help you improve your life. If and when you fall, pick yourself back up and continue towards your goal. It’s the only way you can achieve those changes you need.

3. Don’t forget to enjoy the process! We only live once so in order to enjoy it we have to find a balance. All of us want to get rid of some flaws and imperfections, improve ourselves and become better; but even until we get there we should still live, and we should still be good to ourselves. Every human has imperfections and that is something that makes this world special. Don’t be too hard on yourself for the flaws that you have, look pass them from time to time as the people around you do as well. Stop lecturing yourself if you had one cigarette with vine and you promised to stop from New Year’s Eve. One cigarette will do you less harm than feeling bad about it for days.

Now take a deep breath. Your New Year resolution list got shorter, you accepted you will have some falls along the way to your goals, and the world will not end if you have a “day off” sometimes. It’s all part of enjoying life while you’re walking towards a better version of yourself, because that version is there, within you, and it’s only a meter of days before it surfaces out.

Text: Sonja Josipovic


Life Instructions

I’ve been here for a while, made some steps, fulfilled some dreams… Kindergarden, school, first crushes, tears and heartbreaks… I wanted to eat candy for every meal, but my parents told me it’s not good to do so. I didn’t know who told them so, but I accepted it as part of the reality, part of life that doesn’t always taste as sweet as chocolate. I waited until I would become an adult and make all the decisions by myself. And I did grow up, probably even faster than I expected. I started seeing the world differently, started making my own decisions and I came to a conclusion: you live and you learn, and you come to points where you feel like you know nothing at all and you start wondering where to go with your life. As you grow up you get your ID, your driving licence and the right to do what you want with your life, but you don’t get a map on how to get there.

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To remember you

I forgot to meet you between memories and dreams.
I forgot to tell you that I don’t dream anymore.
What used to get me through the day now mocks me in the face.
It crumbled down as I said good bye to hope.
It used to light my streets when the dark would fall,
But I forgot your face and the sound of our voice.
I can’t remember why I stopped remembering you,
When it was those memories that kept me going through.

– Sonja Josipović –


Healthy fruit muffins

Christmas food is often full of fats and sugar. As everyone is more relaxed during holidays, indulging a bit is ok as long as you don’t exaggerate. Still, keeping your healthy habits on is important even during the tempting season. That is why we bring you this recipe, for all of you that want to treat yourself for Christmas with some delicious food full of healthy ingredients.

You need:

3 bananas – Delicious and healthy, the fruit should always be on your menu. No wonders monkeys love it, as banana actually helps produce hormones of happiness! It is also rich in vitamin B6, and B vitamins help us fight PMS symptoms by reducing mood swings and water being held in our bodies. Don’t forget, bananas are also super rich in sodium.

120 grams of honey –  It was considered holy in ancient times and used for curing many health problems. Honey is a natural mixture of ingredients that has no expiration date. By consuming it you improve your immune system and can be more resistant to all sorts of viruses and bacteria.

Handfull of chopped dried fruits (plums, apricots, raisins)

Dried plums have numerous positive effects like containing sugar alcohol called sorbitol that causes laxative like reaction. By regularly consuming this fruit you will improve the health of your bones and lower the risk of osteoporosis. Rich in fivers, plums help the stability of blood sugar levels. They also help your body absorb iron as they are rich in vitamin C.

Dried apricots are highly rich in magnesium that helps reduce stress levels. Consumed regularly, they will protect your muscles with their high level of potassium. Vitamin B from this fruit will help protect your nerves. Chew them slowly and improve your digestion as well as blood circulation in the upper area.

Raisins are a quick source of energy. They help prevent cavity and reduce bacteria in our mouth. It is also recommended for health of our eyes, fighting anemia, as well as in fighting cancer.

1 spoon of cinnamon – A great source of iron, potassium, sink, copper and manganese. Experiments have proven that this spice helps reduce fat levels and bad cholesterol, as well as it fights fungus and their development. One half of tea spoon a day significantly reduces blood sugar levels with diabetics. Cinnamon can also help you in your fight to loose weight, as well as with menstrual pains.

2 dl rice milk – This easily digested milk has great nutritive values and is recommended to people that are lactose intolerant and have high cholesterol.

2 (not so sweet) apples – Best testament to all the health benefits that apples provide is that old English saying: An apple a day keeps doctor away. It will help you fight viruses and all sorts of free radicals. Vitamin C will boosts your immunity, while pectin helps fight and prevent cardiovascular diseases. An apple has a low calorie value but is filled with fibres, keeping you full and making a great snack between the meals.

1/2 teaspoon of baking soda – Daily consumption of small quantities helps keep the vitality of the whole body.

200 grams of flour (100g almond and 100g rice flour) – Rice flour is rich in minerals and E and B vitamins and has many health benefits. Almond flour is grey too, just make sure you use fresh one.


You should plane the apples. Mix cinnamon with dried fruits and rice and almond flours. Squeeze bananas in a bowl and add honey, mix together and add baking soda, dried fruits mix that you already prepared, rice milk and apples at the end. Mix it all together with a mixer in low speed. Pour into muffin moulds and bake at 180 degrees for about 30 minutes.

This mix should make around 12 muffins depending on your mould size. It is best to serve them after they cool of, so they won’t stick to the paper.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and we hope you enjoy this healthy treat!


Christmas gifts – part 2

After our suggestions on what to shop for ladies we didn’t want to leave the guys behind, so today we bring you our list of five Christmas gifts for men. As it’s the last weekend before the big holiday, it is really time to get that last minute shopping on. Here are some of our ideas.

Books are always a good idea and you should know the person you are buying a gift for, so adjust your choose to genres and writers they love. We suggest Haruki Murakami as we think everyone should give her books some attention. Second option is underwear, like these undies from Björn Borg that are insanely popular in Sweden. Video games can be a good option too, so keep an eye on what titles does your friend/boyfriend/brother wants but still doesn’t have. Gloves can be a nice gift even for slightly older men, but they pass not only for dads and grandpas depending on the model you choose. Technology is usually something most guys are into, so that section offers lots of gift options. As we are music freaks, we suggest nice speakers, and these even have some cool lava light effect on them. Prepare the light show and let’s party!

There you have our Christmas suggestions. Hope our ideas inspired and helped you chose what to get for your loved ones. If you have any other suggestions please share in the comment section.