Christmas Gifts – part 1

It’s that time of the year again and Christmas is just around the corner. The decorations are up, the playlist is on and there is this special kind of mood in the air. The pile of gifts under the Christmas tree is slowly growing, and you are looking forward to seeing your closest ones open them. Still, you might need to do some more last minute shopping, which is why we decided to share some gift ideas with you today… We hope you’ll find them inspirational and fun, and don’t worry, we have some for boys and girls as well.

Book is a gift that keeps on giving so it is always a good idea to give it to your dear ones. We recommend #Girlboss that we recently fell in love with (read more about it here). Books are personal so it’s always best to pick something you think the other person would like, or some book you know they want but don’t have. Number two is make up, like Bare Minerals products that we love. There are many gift boxes that can make nice gifts for your friends so chose the brand they like and surprise them! If you are buying gift for someone who enjoys decoration and their home (and most of girls do, right?) your options are endless. We chose these mugs from Åhlens that are so simple and beautiful, and the price is just 59kr (around 6 euros, see more here). We don’t know any girls that would resist Body Shop products, especially their body butter that is amazing! There is never a bad opportunity to buy those creamy delicious smelling creams to anyone. Last but not least, if it’s for your girlfriend, you may want to bye her some sexy underwear or pyjamas like these that you can find on

Hope you find our ideas helpful and see you on Thursday with a list for guys!


The Hidden World

There are winds and storms inside me,

And streets that I never walk,

Beautiful dreams and nightmares…

The hidden world lives inside me.

There is a loud silence,

Wounds that have no cures,

Clocks that stopped ticking,

Nights that will never end.

There are numerous questions,

Encounters I want to keep,

And goodbyes without leaving

That I hardly recover from.


By Sonja Josipovic


5 best homemade masks for dry skin

Our skin tends to be more sensitive during the winter period and cold air and wind can make it extra dry. It is important to pay some extra attention and nurture it during these months. First tips we can give you is to drink a lot of water and to skip long showers (they dry out your skin), but since some additional attention might be needed we decided to share with you our five favourite homemade masks recipes that are super easy to make and give great results.


All of these super healthy groceries that we love to eat will feed your skin inside out.

Ingredients: 1/2 banana; 1/2 cup oatmeal; 1 tablespoon honey; water.

Preparation: Cut the banana in half and mash it with a fork. Add oatmeal and mix. Mix in the honey as well and add some water till you achieve creamy consistency. Apply evenly to clean skin and leave on for 15 minutes. Wash away with warm water.


Avocados are super rich in oils and will help regenerate and feed the driest skin.

Ingredients: 1/2 very soft avocado; 1/4 cup honey.

Preparation: Smash the avocado and add the honey. Bland together. Apply to skin and let it on for 10 minutes. Clean the face with a cool washcloth.


Coffee will soften and moisturise your skin, and since most of us already have it in our homes it is super convenient as well.

Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of ground coffee; 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder; 3 tablespoons of milk; 1 tablespoon of honey.

Preparation: Combine all ingredients and apply mixture onto your face. Leave for 30 minutes and wash away with water.


With such a high level of water, cucumber is ideal for nurturing dry skin.

Ingredients: 4 ts mashed cucumbers; 2 ts sour cream.

Preparation: Combine ingredients and apply to clean face. Leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse and dry.


Grapes are so juicy that just thinking about them makes us feel hydrated.

Ingredients: Grapes; flour; paper mask.

Preparation: Wash a desired amount of grapes, cut them in half and smash. Add a pinch of flour and combine. Soak a paper max in the mixture and leave it on your face for 20 minutes.


City walk

Stockholm is such a beautiful city and Södermalm is definitely one of its prettiest parts. Charming streets are full of hip bars and restaurants, cool galleries and interesting shops. It’s no wonder it is usually filled with cool people, and it’s certainly great for tourists that come from all over the world. These photos were taken there on a busy sunny Saturday. I was in my jeans, dressed for a casual weekend, keeping warm with a long sweater.

Sonja Josipovic Style Quest

Sonja is wearing Gina Tricot jeans, shirt and sweater and Min Sko shoes. All photos by Ivan Radovic.


Not that kind of girl

Lena Dunham is a modern kind of inspiration and a girl that’s not afraid to speak up her mind. She sees the problems of modern day society and she faces them through her writing. We first got to love her while watching the super popular HBO show Girls, and our appreciation of her grew even bigger after getting her book called Not That Kind of Girl : A young woman tells you what she’s “learned”.

Having achieved such a success, Lena is definitely a person whose advice is worth listening to. Still, being a humble girl and aware of her own mistakes, Lena puts quotation marks in her book title, reassuring us straight from the covers that this is not one of those how-to-live-your-life kind of books that is written by some know-it-all figure. As she finds the idea of secrets destructive, Dunham is very open in this book even sharing a list of foods that she ate for awhile. From dieting to bad sex, she shares her stories and experiences about different topics, all related to finding yourself and experiencing life. Her style is witty and funny just as she is, and the book will make you glued to it, not being able to stop reading even when you’re way past your bed time.


Blueberry smoothie

This week we are back with another delicious smoothie recipe. In case yo skipped on our previous suggestions you can see our little, but delicious food section by clicking here. Today we add a purple smoothie that tastes like perfection and will boost your energy and your health.


1 Banana – Delicious and healthy, the fruit should always be on your menu. No wonders monkeys love it, as banana actually helps produce hormones of happiness! It is also rich in vitamin B6, and B vitamins help us fight PMS symptoms by reducing mood swings and water being held in our bodies. Don’t forget, bananas are also super rich in sodium.

1 cup of blueberries – Blueberries help our memory as they are healthy food for our brains. Many research show that they are richer in anti-oxidants than other fruits and vegetables, so your immunity will be grateful if you consume them regularly. Blueberries prevent ageing, improve vision, and stop the initial phases of cancer. Diabetics should eat them often as they help regulate the levels of blood sugar.

1 cup of almond milk – Almond milk is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium. It contains high levels of protein and saturated fats. As it’s easily digested it is a good alternative for milk and nutritionists often recommend it.

1 spoon of chia seeds – They affect our bodies positively in numerous ways. Their contact of vitamins and minerals is higher than in many other healthy foods.They have twice as much potassium as bananas, and five times more calcium from milk. They contain eight times more omega 3 fats than salmon. They give your body energy, improve your digestion and lower cholesterol levels. They also contain tryptophan, an amino acid that improves sleep, regulates appetite and boost your mood.

Preparation: Put all the ingredients into your blender and mix them.

Hope you’ll enjoy the taste and smell of this delicious drink as much as we do!



It is always a bit of a challenge staying warm while still looking cute, and not getting lost under piles of wool sweaters and puffy winter jackets. Well, in Stockholm it is inevitable to end up like that when the temperature goes bellow zero, but till those days arrive I go for layers. Pile up your favourites and play with textures and colours. Have fun with accessorising and you’ll be facing the cold while having fun with your outfit.

Sonja Josipovic Style QuestSonja Josipovic Style QuestSonja Josipovic Style Quest

Sonja is wearing Gina Tricot jeans, shirt and necklace; Zara faux fur vest; Lindex bag, Aldo watch; hat and shoes unbranded. All photos by Ivona J.


I close my eyes

You’ll never catch me again.

I walk with my eyes closed.

Now I see best that way.

I smile even when it hurts the most.

You’ll never find me again.

I don’t hide, I don’t exist.

Finding myself between two fears,

Choosing the one that’s best for me.

I interrupt my peace with restless dreams,

Knowing that reality doesn’t forgive.

I leave so I could find you again

And wonder if it was just a dream.

By Sonja Josipovic 


Delicious raw dessert

Today we share with you a recipe that won’t take more than 15 minutes of your time and you’ll end up making a delicious dessert. These tasty balls are perfect for your sweet tooth, and since they are raw and only with healthy ingredients, they will also make you feel full and energised.

What you need:

70gr of dates – Dates are delicious and healthy, and there are many reasons why we should include them in our diets. They are rich in selenium – antioxidant that improves our immunity, protects us from infections and prevents cardiovascular diseases. Dates give our brain and muscles the energy they need, as they are filled with phosphorus that is ‘food for brain’. By regularly consuming this fruit you will provide your body with desired levels of iron, fighting anemia, high blood pressure and cholesterol problems.

healthy dessert balls

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Sophia Amoruso is a true example of a girl boss that managed to turn her dreams into a reality and create a multi million dollar business. She did it in her own way, on her own terms and following her own rules. Now we are lucky enough to be able to have a look at how it all started and get advice from her in her #GIRLBOSS book!

Sophia started her online retail business Nasty Gal on eBay and she turned it from a one-girl-doing-everything into a global brand. She wasn’t afraid of working hard, being passionate and she had an eye for details. Even though she has no formal business education, she had great instincts needed to survive and thrive in the competitive world of business. Being a kind of girl that isn’t afraid to go and get what she wants, Sophia is a modern day inspiration to all the girls that want to make it on their own. In the book she talks openly about her past that is quite interesting and full of lessons. Going from an early age she tells us about her journey and shares her advices that she picked up along the way.

Girl Boss

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