Orange smoothie

The winter is coming. It brings cold short days, and it’s important to take special care of ourselves during this period since it is flue season. That’s why we bring you orange smoothie this week, to offer you not only delicious but vitamin packed drink that will improve your immune system.

What you need:

ONE APPLE – Best testament to all the health benefits that apples provide is that old English saying: An apple a day keeps doctor away. It will help you fight viruses and all sorts of free radicals. Vitamin C will boosts your immunity, while pectin helps fight and prevent cardiovascular diseases. An apple has a low calorie value but is filled with fibres, keeping you full and making a great snack between the meals.

healthy smoothie

ONE ORANGE – You can hardly avoid oranges during winter. And why would you when only one orange contains almost 100% of recommended daily dose of vitamin C. It is also rich in vitamins A and B, amino acids, beta carotene, zink, phosphorus and natrium. It is considered one of the healthier fruits for its combination of antioxidants and flavonoids.

TWO CARROTS – Delicious and healthy, carrots should find their place on your plate. Research has shown that carrots act like some sort of cleaners, freeing our bodies from bad substances that are consequences of bad eating habits and all sorts of radiation. It is also one of natural medicines that prevents and help fight various diseases. Its colour shows us that carrots are filled with beta carotene that strengthens immunity and protects the body from infections and cancer.

Preparation: Put all the ingredients in your blender, add water as you wish and mix. Decorate as you please (see our suggestion in the photo).

We hope you will enjoy this healthy smoothie as we do. Let us know what you think about this vitamin bomb and we’ll be back soon with more. Till then, also check out our previous smoothie recipes here.


The time is now

Another day slowly turns into darkness. I sit in the present, flirt with the future and wave at the past. I flip through my memories as they were pages of a photo album. I remember some dear faces that are smiling. They don’t see me. Maybe they don’t even remember me. They don’t know that I’m looking back today, remembering them as they used to be. And time passes… It knows how to speed up, but never to slow down. It took some moments away from me that I didn’t want to end. It took some dear people that I’ll always remember. Even though time keeps on passing, I always have this place to return to. I can always wonder without making a single step. I’ll always be able to reach those memories, because time flies, but my memories and imagination stay.


Another day is passing. Soon it will be called past. It will be replaced by night that will bring us a new day. Do I have enough time for “NOW”? Do I always ignore it running into the past or thinking about the future? Do I neglect it because it’s right here, in front of me? I know that this moment called now is all I have but I often spend it thinking about the past or the future.

Another day is gone. I haven’t even noticed how and where it went. I know many days tend to pass like that, unnoticed, while I’m busy with other things. I don’t want that to keep happening. I don’t want to look but not be able to see. It’s time to catch the moment. It’s time to live in it and for it. The present is all that I’ve got and I’m gonna look it straight into the eyes.


Walking on sunshine

Stockholm is a beautiful city, just one corner away and you find yourself in the cutest street ever. We shot these photos in one of those streets with cobalt stones and bright yellow walls. My outfit was quite casual, planned for a day in  the city that involves lots of walking and some shopping. Long black sweater is always super practical because it’s so warm and goes well with everything. I paired it with my favourite blue jeans and a white shirt.

Sonja Josipovic Style QuestSonja Josipovic Style Quest

Sonja is wearing Zara jeans, Converse shoes, Gina Tricot sweater, bag and blouse, and Ray Ban sunglasses. All photos by Ivona J.


Getting quiet

I step into a new day but I stick to my old habits.

At the mention of your name my heart skips a beat.

And I know that a new day can’t wash away old mistakes.

And I feel our love getting more and more quiet.

I step into loneliness running away from old shadows.

Easy steps become more heavy.

And I know that silence is filled with hushed screams.

And I know there’s no more place to fulfil our dreams.

By Sonja Josipovic


Centalbadet – Peaceful beauty oasis

This piece of heaven for body and soul lies in the heart of Stockholm. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful spas in Sweden and it exists since 1904. We had the chance to enjoy it ourselves on one rainy day. They offer a big variety of treatments that include anti cellulite, body, face treatments, feet and other kind of massages, spa and special treatments for pregnant ladies. Many visitors head to this peaceful oasis to enjoy the beautiful pool and get their dose of vitamin D with sunbathing.

centralbadet stockholm

During our first visit we had the chance to enjoy the optimal face treatment, and we’re sure we will be back to try out other things too. The treatment lasts about 50 minutes and after it you feel like a princess and have a special glow to your skin. And how wouldn’t you after it’s been massaged, nurtured with different creams and cleaned with a gentle peeling. Pure heaven, we tell you. The atmosphere in this place is very calm and suiting, and makes you forget about all the stress and worries of the outside world. If you want to pamper yourself or your looking for a gift for someone, this place will not disappoint. We will be back to enjoy Centralbadet and we are sure you won’t resist it either.


Halloween mood

Few weeks ago we arranged a very special photo-shoot. Perks of working with your sister include the fact that we usually take photos of each other, but this time we had a special photographer. Ivan was so kind to capture us through his lens. We really love the results and today we are sharing a part of it with you. As Halloween is this week, we went for a slightly spooky mood and hushed light.

Ivona Sonja Josipovic

We shot in the amazing space in Södermalm, here in Stockholm. It was beautiful from the floors up to the ceiling and you will get to see more of it soon. I wore my lace dress that I bought a while ago as I fell in love with it. I didn’t quite know how to wear it but with black under it gets a whole new edge. Sonja optioned for a black skirt and knee-high tights that are super nice and less expensive if you don’t feel like spending on knee-high boots. Here is the rest of the photos, let us know what you think in comments and Happy Halloween!

Ivona Sonja JosipovicIvona Sonja JosipovicIvona Sonja JosipovicIvona Sonja JosipovicHalloween Ivona Sonja JosipovicIvona Sonja Josipovic

Sonja is wearing Gina Tricot shirt, Monki skirt, H&M shoes. Ivona is wearing Zara dress, Gina Tricot sweater, H&M shoes, Happening shirt. All photos by Ivan Radovic.




We might say there is a small number of people that were born under the lucky star and that always have things go their way. If we think about it a bit better, there is actually not a single person we know that is like that. Everybody faces bigger or smaller challenges and disappointments like problems at work, with the family or with health. We can’t change a part of situations that life brings us, no matter how hard we try. That uncertainty of life represents special magic of unfamiliar to some people, while it may make others feel anxious. Modern literature deals with this quite a lot and it teaches us that the moment we become happy is the moment we decide that we are happy. But, theory is one, and putting it to practice is a totally different thing. Continue reading “Smile”


I don’t feel like standing still

I don’t feel like standing still

I feel like walking on the bridges made of nice words,

on the streets of memories that turn into boulevards.

I feel like walking on songs that don’t smell like sorrow,

on the words that turn into messages of optimism.

I feel like walking with you, without fearing you,

without being afraid of steps that lead nowhere.

I don’t feel like standing still, even though I do it,

while I wait for a dream to take me elsewhere.

By Sonja Josipovic


Style Quest at Fotografiska Museet

I had a chance to visit Fotografiska Museet one of the past weekends. It is a place that will take your breath away, especially if you love modern photography. Besides smaller and larger exhibitions, the museum offers a great gift and souvenir shop (it is hard to leave empty handed once you’re there) and a very nice restaurant. It is getting open for public again today as they were actually renovating it. Besides the restaurant, if you just want to grab a drink or refresh with some coffee, there is a bar at the top floor that offers an amazing view of Stockholm.

Fotografiska Museet Fotografiska Museet  Fotografiska Museet Fotografiska Museet Fotografiska Museet

Fotografiska Museum shows about four big exhibitions and around 15-20 smaller ones every year. One on the display now shows work by Joyce Tenneson, who mostly makes portraits. She started her career as a photographer in the 60’s and the 70’s by taking self-portraits. Photography for her is about an inner journey and a search for your own identity.

As picture is worth a thousand words I leave you with some photographs that will tell their special stories. And remember, if in Stockholm I warmly recommend visiting this place.


Rainy day

Rainy days require special clothes and shoes, and some details to brighten the mood. That’s why the red umbrella is always a good idea and cute rubber boots save your feet from the rain, while keeping you stylish. I recently got this black and white dress from Lindex and I absolutely love it! It goes well with everything and it transitions from day to night quite easily. I paired it with a long black sweater to keep me warm and my rubber boots with a pin-up lady on them. I added a long necklace and I was ready to go!

Sonja Josipovic Style Quest Sonja Josipovic Style Quest Sonja Josipovic Style Quest Sonja Josipovic Style Quest Sonja Josipovic Style Quest

Sonja is wearing: Lindex dress, Gina Tricot sweater, boots from Ellos and Åhlens necklace.