Army of me

Brand Army of me exists since 2008. Talented designers Daniel Wahlberg and Richard Sjöblom decided to combine their creativity and make something different. Their collections show it in the best way, and being so original, they are very wanted in Sweden as well as all over the world. Their unique point of view comes from mixing the classical western design with avant-garde fashion from the east.

We had the chance to see their fashion show for spring/summer 2015. Colours that were dominating the runway were black, white and grey, bringing a note of the recognisable Scandinavian style to the garments. We bring you some photos of this amazing collection hoping that you will enjoy them at least as half as we did during Stockholm Fashion Week.


Metro Mode Fashion Days 2014

This Saturday we had a lot of fun at Metro Mode Fashion Days by Gina Tricot. Held at the amazing Café Opera in Stockholm, this event allowed you to exclusively shop the new limited edition collection done by Gina Tricot that is still not on sale in their shops. Besides having a look at the new pieces, visitors could design their dream shoes with Jennie-Ellen (we love their shoes!!!), get their hair, make-up and nails done and do a little photo-shoot with Gina Tricot. All of that was accompanied by a live music performances. We tell you, it was super fun! Mode fashion editors Petra Tungården and Caroline Sandström were there sharing some styling tips. So, numerous fashion lovers came and enjoyed their time at Mode Fashion Days.


Style Quest at Livrustkammaren Museum

Last weekend we visited the oldest museum in Sweden that was founded by king Gustav II Adolf. He created the Livrustkammaren Museum because he wanted to save the clothes he wore during his battles in Poland, as a reminder of that period in history. Nowadays, the museum exhibits numerous belongings from different members of the Swedish royal family, so you can see some weapons and war equipment as well as different uniforms, dresses  and jewellery that some of them possessed.

The museum is located in Tre Kronor Castle in the old town of Stockholm and it has one of world’s best collection of weapons, traditional garments, saddles and wagons. There is also a special room for kids where they can try out different costumes and feel like a king or a princess for a while. This museum surely offers plenty of fun and interesting things to its visitors and the gallery of photos we captured there will show you some of them.


Grace Coddington A Memoir

We always enjoy reading a good book and when we find one that we can’t keep our hand off, sharing and recommending it to others is a must. Grace Coddington’s memoir is certainly one of those books that I keep coming back too. I first read it last summer and it made me laugh and it made me cry. In case you don’t know Grace is a fashion director of Vogue US and a truly inspiring lady that had a very interesting life. Here is a bit more about her…

grace coddington

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Style Quest at Vasa Museum

Vasa Museum is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Stockholm. It has more levels that reveal the secrets of the war ship called Vasa, that has sank on its first journey after sailing for about two kilometres. This accident happened a long time ago in 1628. Even after so many years, the unusual story of this ship still attracts and interests many curious souls.

Vasa Museum
Little model showing where the ship sanked.

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Minna Palmqvist

Fashion may not be considered art, but through the scissors of certain designers many stories can be told. Minna Palmqvist is one of the gifted few that merge fashion with contemporary social commentary and every garment that she makes has a story to tell. That is exactly why  her show at the latest Stockholm Fashion Week gave us goosebumps.

Minna has a strong vision about her brand that was started back in 2009. You can see it woven into her peaces that are highly conceptual. Her signature is always there and once you’ve seen her work you will always be able to recognise it. She is unapologetic about the subjects her work touches. You can sense strong connections to female body but not in a typical way related just to its shape. The issues go much deeper touching into usually avoided space of insecurities, flaws, the way we are, the way we want to be and the way that society tells us we should look like.

So no, Minna Palmqvist is not one of the “usual designers”. Her garments are made for real women. Her runway show is filled with strong female characters and just a few models. Her garments are not just meant to be worn. They will empower you. They will make you stand out. And most importantly, they will make you think!

Photos by Kristian Löveborg


Style Quest goes to Greece – part 2

Time has come to slowly say goodbye to summer. We will remember it by sandy beaches, warm and restless sea and numerous adventures we had at the Greek island of Kefalonia. We already shared a part of our impressions with you (in this post here). Today, we go back there in our minds, to tell you all about the tourist attractions that have left us breathless.

Mellisani lake has crystal clear turquoise water.

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Stockholm Fashion Week

Fashion week is always a fun experience, even when you run around in heels all day going from one show to another. Stockholm is definitely one of world’s fashion capitals, and even though the fashion week here lasts only 3 days, you still get to see so many amazing collections. We will write more about some of our favourites soon, and till then we leave you with my outfit that I wore on the second day. It was super comfy and it got more attention from all the photographers than my fancier heels look. Well, I guess no one can resist my pink nike trainers 😉

Ivona Josipovic Style Quest

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– We don’t need no one –

We don’t need words. Nor plans. Nor promises.
Nor the long walks that lead nowhere.
We don’t need winds. Nor rain. Nor birds.
When our souls are singing instead of them.
We don’t need no one, cause we have us.
Us from blood and flesh. Us from dreams and shame.
And we’ll have us as long as the world lives,
turning each day some ‘I’ into ‘WE’…

– Sonja Josipović –