Style Quest goes to Greece

Kefalonia is the biggest island in the Ionian sea. It’s a very tempting destination that has gorgeous sandy beaches and a rich touristic offering. The special colour of the sea, numerous gulfs and lagoons give this island a special charm that will make you remember it forever. Soft climate and gorgeous beaches attract a lot of curious tourists. One of the island beaches called Myrtos beach is on the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Night life is adjusted to people looking for vacation and some rest, so it mostly offers lots of restaurants that make delicious traditional greek food. Wednesday and Saturday are special days on the island, and during these days you can see some professional dancers, locals and guests having fun while dancing sirtaki together. The biggest city on the island called Argostoli smells like the sea and greek delicacies. Small streets are full of shops with souvenirs, markets and coffee places with beautiful gardens. After buying all the gifts it’s not hard finding a cute place to relax and cool down with a drink. As it is pretty hard to describe this piece of paradise with just words, we leave you with some photographs that will virtually take you to this magical place.

Myrtos Beach

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– The road –

This road leads nowhere
even the Moon won’t shine upon it.
And there’s not a single soul on this road
only the wind of memories blowing in my face.
There’s no end, no beginning
of this lonely freedom.
There’s no one to go back to
there’s nowhere to go.
Right behind me I hear the past breathing
the past that still smells like you.
And you can’t find me
I’m hiding in the dark
somewhere in the corner where only memories are left…

– Sonja Josipović –

The Body Book by Cameron Diaz

We all know Cameron Diaz as a beautiful talented actress. She charmed us with her numerous roles and a great sense of humour. What you maybe didn’t know about this blonde beauty is that she’s a bit of a nerd, and that side of her’s is what got her into writing a book! Yes, in case you didn’t know, Cameron has a book called The Body Book. As the name itself suggests it is about our bodies, how everything works, what the body needs to function properly and so on. It is written in a way that makes it easy for everyone to read and has a lot of interesting facts. You would think that knowing how our bodies work would be something we should all know, right? I mean, you have only one body so you should get familiar with it and nurture it. As most of us don’t really do that, a book like this is a must to help us understand and learn more about the way we are.

Cameron Diaz The Body Book

So, in these times when the information we get about what is healthy and what’s not keep on changing, learning about how we function and what we can do to improve our health is basic. This book will not give you a magic trick for being healthy and beautiful. It will not give you that miraculous diet or anything like that. It will give you basic scientific and biological facts, written in a simple, understandable and interesting way. It will help you educate yourself and like that you will start thinking differently. And after you’re done reading it you will wonder how come no one ever thought us all of these things before.


Stockholm postcards

This post is an open love letter to Stockholm. The capital city of Sweden is so beautiful that no words can do it justice. It spreads on many different islands and has the most amazing nature that you can imagine. The architecture is pretty great too and small charming streets of Gamla Stan with all the colourful buildings are definitely worth seeing. Besides all the amazing nature and buildings, the city has a great selection of museums, fun and unique places to visit, bars to explore and have fun in. It might sound too good to be true. However, if you’ve ever been here you know we’re not exaggerating. Still, if the words are not enough, I leave you with our Stockholm postcards that might make you fall in love with this city too…

Style Quest StockholmStyle Quest StockholmStyle Quest StockholmStyle Quest StockholmStyle Quest Stockholm10565066_10203058746682511_6137421401389529467_nStyle Quest StockholmStyle Quest StockholmStyle Quest Stockholm

All photos by Ivona Josipovic 


In Wonderland

You already saw a part of our visit to Gröna Lund here, and today we continue with my pictures from that day. Swedish summer is really beautiful and the light is so amazing, and as it gets dark quite late you get to enjoy amazing sunsets and sky scenery. Yeah, staring into the sunset and gorgeous sky never gets old, right?

So, for the fun night out I mixed some fun prints in sort of neutral colours and I was ready to go. As the night came I ended up freezing but it was worth it 🙂

Sonja Josipovic Style QuestSonja Josipovic Style QuestSonja Josipovic Style QuestSonja Josipovic Style QuestSonja Josipovic Style Quest

Sonja is wearing H&M shirt, Gina Tricot skirt, bag, sunglasses and sweater and Duffy shoes.

Photos by Ivona J.


Let’s sail away

The summer breeze, the smell of sea, Sun kissing my skin – nothing can feel as good as summer here in Stockholm. The weather is not always perfect but it just makes you appreciate the good days even more. For this sunny walk and day in nature I optioned to wear a white t-shirt I love, colourful skirt and comfy running shoes. Those were bought for the gym but they make my feet so happy that I wear them around quite a lot. Not to mention they were perfect for jumping around. Hope you’ll enjoy the pictures in the gorgeous area of Solsidan in Stockholm.

Sonja Josipovic Style QuestDSCN4065

Sonja Josipovic Style Quest

Sonja is wearing T-shirt by Gina Tricot, skirt by Pull and Bear and shoes by Nike.