Today I will share with you some of my favorite Instagram pictures from August. It will be mostly fashion, travel and other beautiful things that makes life more beautiful. If you follow me on Instagram then you maybe already have seen all these pictures. If you don’t, I hope you will like them.

I hope you have a nice September start!

Lots of love to all of you! :-*


Los Angeles postcard

As you already know I have spent my vacation in USA. It was a great adventure that I will remember for the rest of my life. Right after landing in LA, my fiancé and I rented a car and our adventure started. The first two weeks we spent in the City of Angels and today I will share with you my impressions.

What to visit in L.A.?

  1. Beaches – Besides the beautiful weather and cute palm trees, this town have so many beautiful beaches. Most of my time a spent on the Venice beach, we had an apartment just next to the beach, but I also visited Malibu beach, Manhattan beach and Santa Monica beach and I loved all of them very much. I didn’t swim in the ocean, because the water was so cold, but I was enjoying the pools where the water was more in my taste. πŸ™‚
  2. Studios – You all know that Los Angeles is the city of film and a tour of film studios is something you have to do when you are here. I visited Paramount and Universal studios, where I could enjoy interesting stories to some of my favorite series and movies. At Paramount studio I manage to see actress Lily Tomlin, who plays the cool old lady Frankie in the popular series “Frankie and Grace”. I was pinching myself to make sure that it wasn’t a dream. πŸ™‚
  3. Roof top bars – For me the best way to end a day during vacation is by sunset and favorite cocktail on top of a roof top bar. The selection in Los Angeles is huge and we’ve been spending every evening in one of those bars, enjoying the view and summing up the impressions from the day. My favorite bar was on Venice beach and there we enjoyed the amazing ocean view and unreal colors that the sun made during the golden hour.
  4. Hollywood walk of fame – Like all other tourists, we also wanted to see the famous stars and walk through that boulevard. The boulevard is beautiful, but also ‘occupied’ by tourists from all over the world who are eagerly trying to pose to make the best photo next to their favorite star.
  5. Rodeo Drive – If you are a shopping maniac and love branded clothes, this is the right place for you. The famous Rodeo Drive exudes luxury and offers a lot of content for all of you who like to spend your time in boutiques.

Yes, I could have a lot more to write regarding Los Angeles, but I will stay on these top five.

Let me know what would you like to visit in this town, or, if you have already been there, what are your favorites L. A. spots.


Summer fashion

I hope you enjoy August and sunny summer times. In today’s post you will see some of my favorite summer outfits (mine and from other bloggers) and maybe you will find some inspiration for one of your next fashion combo, who knows?

Let me know which one is your favorite? I really can’t decide, because they are all amazing, but I want to know what you think! πŸ™‚


Summer and flowers

Some of you have asked me to take a pictures of some casual daily combinations, something I wear during the day and that I feel comfortable. Voila! πŸ™‚ Today in front of you is one of my favorite casual combo for this summer. Black Gina Tricot trousers, cozy and comfortable together with nothing less comfortable than a Gina Tricot blouse. This is the basis. Shoes, bags and jewellery I choose depending on my mood. All the details today are mostly in color, because during the summer I avoid wearing black from top to toe.

How do you like today’s outfit? What is your favorite ‘uniform’ during the summer?

Sonja is wearing: Gina Tricot blouse and pants, HM sandals, Boom watch, Tiger sunglasses and Zign bag.

Photos by Ivan Radovic


Dress and pants

This beautiful Gina Tricot dress made me break my promise that I had finished with my summer shopping. Simply, this dress had to be mine. Fortunately, I found it on sale and it was less than 100 kronor (less than 10 euros). I didn’t find my size (38), so I took a large one, which I often do when I like some piece of clothes very much and I can’t find my size. πŸ™‚

The pants are from Mango and I bought them last year. HERE you can see when I wore them with a simply Mango shirt. This is one of my favorite combinations – dress and pants. πŸ™‚

I can’t wait to find out how you like my outfit! πŸ™‚

Sonja is wearing: Gina Tricot dress, earrings and sunglasses, Mango pants, Body Flirt shoes and unbranded bag.

Photos by Ivan Radovic


Summer time

After spending a month in America and wearing mostly comfortable sports clothes, I can say that even I have missed high heels, jewellery and all those cute ‘necessary’ women’s things.

Right now I am really crazy about all those beautiful summer dresses, that I usually don’t have so many opportunities to wear  here in Sweden. I can say that I am using all the benefits from the nice weather we are having and taking my favourite pieces of clothes for a walk. πŸ™‚

This dress is from Zara and right now is on sale and it’s just perfect for summer days and nights ( if you are lucky and live in some tropical country).

Let me know how you like today’s choice!

Sonja is wearing: Zara dress, Body Flirt shoes, Åhlens bag and Gina Tricot jewelry.

Photos by Ivan Radovic.



I am back! πŸ™‚ After a one month break from blogging and an unforgettable vacation with my fiance in USA, I am ready for new opportunities and adventures. Today you will see what kind of incredible places I have visited, and I promise, I will write about it very soon.

What about you, guys? Have you already returned from vacation or you are planing to travel in August or September?

Looking forward to read about your summer stories!


Hello summer!

White for summer. I hope that this summer will offer us a lot of warm and sunny days and that we will enjoy them, because that is what summer is for, right? πŸ™‚

Over the summer, I usually wear different dresses with various details. This time I decided to wear a hat and a cool Boom watch which I designed myself. And yes, you can do the same if you order a watch on their site BOOM WATCHES.

Enjoy the beautiful weather and until next post!

Sonja is wearing: Shein dress, HM hat, Boom watch and New Yorker shoes.

Photos by Ivan Radovic



Today you can see some of my outfits close up. These are pictures that I like the most and deserves to be published in this post.

The beauty of details we sometimes miss because we all to often just focus on the whole look. So today enjoy this post and all details that you may have missed earlier. 🙂



Back in black, because with black there are no mistakes. πŸ™‚ Today’s outfit is just perfect for a night out or dinner with some friends, it is elegant and enough for any evening occasion. Of course, like many of you during the summer months I also prefer brighter colors, but still I do not exclude black.

This beautiful blouse you can find at Closet London, they offer stylish and feminine clothes for hot summer days.

Enjoy June and until next post!

Sonja is wearing: Closet London blouse, Gina Tricot pants and earrings, Aldo shoes and Urban Espressions bag.

Photos by Ivan Radovic